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This is our English classroom's European Language Label Project web-site. You can find our photos, lesson-videos, our teaching materials, the exercises, and the English lessons here! You can also send us e-mail so you can easily ask questions about teaching or learning English, and of course, about teaching materials. We are from (Silifke) Mersin in Turkey. We are Turkish and this site is designed by our English teacher Mrs. Yılmaz. Our school is TOKI Secondary School and the students' ages are between 10-14.



Our school is in located in Silifke,Mersin along Mediterranean sea. We have 890 pupils and 45 teachers with other school staff. There are two science labs and one computer lab in our school. English is taught as a foreign language. We have been working in an e-twinning project since October 2012.
 In our environment, industry is underdeveloped. Although the government in terms of computer, Internet, and other technical devices supports our school, it is not supported in terms of teaching materials such as posters, drama scenes, musical instruments, etc. As our school is a state school, we have not enough financial support to buy these teaching materials. Therefore, our institution seeks for recycling and using junk materials in teaching subjects in the curriculum.
Our site is improvable. Therefore, if you share your ideas with us, we will grow together and provide service in a better way.
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